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Aluminum Anodizing Training 2-Day Course
From Tuesday, July 23, 2024
To Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Classes in advanced training in aluminum anodizing and conversion coating will be given by Chemeon Surface Technology throughout 2024.

Advanced training provides students with the critical skills, training, and best practice knowledge necessary to immediately improve their companies' productivity, profitability, and ROI.

The courses include:

  • Interactive classroom lecture.
  • Hands-on laboratory instruction.
  • Ways to identify QC issues to reduce rework and increase process quality.

The classes take place at Chemeon’s university-level training center near Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They are taught by Dr. Sjon Westre, Senior Vice President of Technology. Dr. Westre received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of California at Davis and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a physics minor from Cal State, Sacramento. 

“Our advanced training is ideal for OEMs, engineers, scientists, facility managers, line operators, and others who may be new to metal finishing,” says Ted Ventresca, President of Chemeon. “It is also the perfect class for those who oversee the material process.

The Aluminum Anodizing Training two-day course will be held:

  • May 21-22
  • July 23-24
  • September 17-18
  • November 19-20

The Chemeon anodizing class offers an extensive dive into the basics of anodizing from the company’s staff, as well as some advanced aspects of the process:

  • Preprocessing: handling and inspection, aluminum alloys, mechanical finishing, and racking
  • Pretreatment: cleaning, etching, deoxidizing, desmutting, and rinsing
  • Anodizing: definition, the process of oxide formation, types of anodizing, anodize control, surface area calculations, factors contributing to oxide characteristics, and facility requirements
  • Quality control and troubleshooting
  • Hands-on training in the anodizing lab

The eTCP and TCP-HF (Hexavalent Free) Trivalent Chromium Training (QPL MIL-DTL 81706 and 5541) is a one-day course and will be held:

  • May 23
  • July 25
  • September 19
  • November 21

The eTCP and TCP-HF class covers an introduction to conversion coatings and an overview of hex chromate and alternatives. Additional topics cover:

  • eTCP / TCP-HF processing and best practices
  • Performance data on aluminum and other substrates
  • Methods of application 
  • Titration and Spectrophotometry Basics (laboratory hands-on)
  • Processing (laboratory hands-on)

To schedule the courses, please contact Kathy Kovarik at Visit for additional information.