Q: I was a student in one of your recent classes on aluminum finishing, and I work for a major aerospace manufacturer, and we are having a rash of salt spray failures on our chem film test panels. Advice from numerous sources has made some improvement, but we are not totally out of the woods yet. Can you provide guidance as to what variables we should be focusing on?

When firearm enthusiast Ashley Emerson grew more dissatisfied with the night sights and the aperture hunting sights that were being offered on some of his favorite firearms, he decided to take matters into his own hand.

We are often asked: for functional black oxide coating, what is the thickness on a steel part? We also get asked what the thickness is on a blackened stainless steel part?

Ted Ventresca is president and chief operating officer at Chemeon Surface Technology, a global leader in developing corrosion protection and surface finishing solutions to replace the known carcinogen hexavalent chrome.

Ted spent much of his career in New York City and Washington D.C., where his international media work with industry, government, media, and commercial entities now supports the future vision and growth of Chemeon.

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