Suppliers to the Finishing and Coating Industry

Entries with Company Names starting with 'C'

Calvary Industries formulates and produces blended process chemicals such as industrial cleaners, conversion coatings and waste treatment chemistries.
For more than 70 years, Caplugs has been the leader in product protection, masking solutions and custom molded components.
CFT is a global company which manufactures equipment for the supply and application of paints, coatings and sprayed materials.
CHEMEON’s comprehensive line of proprietary and patented metal finishing chemistry is a one-stop solution for all your conversion coating, anodizing, anodic seal and chemfilm needs.
The chemical treatment of metal surfaces is our core competence. Like no other company, we focus our worldwide activities on the development and implementation of customized technology and system solutions for Surface Treatment.
As the needs of our customers have changed, CSI has expanded to satisfy those needs.
CJI Process Systems specializes in manufacturing custom process equipment for a spectrum of industries and applications.
Cleaning Technologies Group is a global supplier of the most innovative industrial and precision cleaning technologies available today.
ClearClad Coatings offer specialty cathodic and anodic electro-coat products. ClearClad can be a stand-alone product providing both performance and protection.