Filling process tanks with hoses results in overflowed tanks sooner or later.

HoseFilla2Now you can prevent overfilling for good. The Hose Filla from Gizmo Engineering shuts off the water flow from any hose automatically. When the tank liquid level reaches the auto shutoff valve, the float switch shuts down the flow using the same principle as a gas nozzle.

The device clamps to a tank lip quickly and securely with locking pliers so water can’t go anywhere but in the tank. There is even an emergency overfill alarm in case something goes wrong.


  • Clamp the Auto Hose Filler plate to a tank lip. It accommodates tank lip widths up to 4” and thicknesses up to 2” easily with locking pliers.
  • Then adjust the depth of the float valve using the thumbscrew knob.
  • Finally, just open the manual valve (the blue handle) to start water flow from the hose. When the liquid level reaches the float valve, the flow stops automatically.


  • Clamps to a very wide range of tank lip sizes.
  • Overfill alarm built-in has a 10 year life.
  • Adjustable fill depth from 1-7 inches is easily adjustable with a thumbscrew.
  • Locking pliers fold up compactly.