Gizmo Engineering’s temperature alarm shows the tank temperature with the digital display, and if the temperature ever gets out of range you set, it produces a loud alarm.

The alarm is a 103dB buzzer and stack light. Temperature status is shown with the green or red stack light. In addition, the temperature alarm includes a relay output to either shut off equipment with the relay or communicate temperature events. All of this is in a compact and economical package.


  • Easy to set and operate.
  • Suitable for wash-down duty.
  • The convenient front button silences the buzzer.
  • The Buzzer snooze alarm sounds again in 30 minutes if the pH is not correct.
  • Relay output (15A).
  • Thermocouple included.
  • Thermowell included.
  • RS485 output included for temperature monitoring.
  • The compact enclosure is only 6x6.

Complete information on our temperature alarm and monitor at the Gizmo product webpage: