Tri-Mer Corporation, a manufacturer of equipment for the control of pollutant gases, fumes, odors, and particulates for industry worldwide, has introduced the Tri-Nomic.

Tri-Nomic is a highly ergonomic commercial workbench for machine shops that want high productivity and a fatigue-free work environment. Its height-adjustable design minimizes stress and makes it comfortable for workers of all heights and sizes to use full shift.

Tri-Nomic was originally engineered for the efficient control of combustible dust generated by sanding, deburring, grinding, and other machining operations in the aerospace industry.  It is highly effective for a broad range of tasks that use power tools.  

Optimal face velocity and distinctive system design remove fines and particulates from the operator’s breathing zone using quiet vacuum pressure without hindering movements or productivity. Tri-Nomic operates at low decibel levels, so it can be sited near other workstations without interference. 

Tri-Nomic workbenches are manufactured in polypropylene; the grated work surface is FRP, steel, or stainless steel. An integral Whirl/Wet dust collector collects 99%+ of fines and particulate and uses minimal water and energy. Disposal of collected material is quick and easy.

Tri-Nomic is an advanced “wet station” downdraft table with a particulate collection efficiency of 99% or higher.  It is manufactured in the USA to aerospace specifications. Systems comply with NFPA 652, 654, and 484 specifications.