Finish Thompson highlights its SP Series pumps, a highly efficient pump designed for transferring corrosive chemicals and dense fluids, ensuring safe and reliable fluid handling across various stages of production or treatment processes. 

The pumps are suited for electroplating and anodizing due to their self-priming feature. This feature allows fluids to be pulled from sumps and eliminates the need for bulkhead fittings in plating tanks, eliminating a potential leak source. An exceptional power-to-energy consumption ratio reduces short-term and long-term operational costs for end-users.

The SP Series pumps feature deep-lift capabilities of up to 25 feet, ensuring superior fluid transfer performance. Lightning-fast priming, achieving 18 feet in 90 seconds, enhances operational productivity. The sealless mag-drive design leverages magnets to eliminate the need for troublesome mechanical seals. This groundbreaking feature enhances operational efficiency and ensures lower maintenance requirements and extended longevity. Furthermore, the mag-drive technology offers run-dry capabilities, providing added insurance against operator errors or system upsets.

With their versatile capabilities and robust construction, the SP Series pumps deliver unparalleled performance and reliability across diverse applications.


Finish Thompson has been an international leader in the corrosive chemical transfer industry since 1951. They offer 10 different lines of pumps, including drum and barrel pumps, centrifugal pumps, and air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. FTI serves distributors and customers on six continents and supports nearly 40 different industries worldwide.