Finish Thompson will introduce its new UCP Series ANSI-Dimensional Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump at the SUR/FIN Expo, June 5-7, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

The new series provides heavy-duty construction and wide hydraulic coverage for various surface finishing applications.

The UCP serves as a drop-in replacement for any manufacturer’s ANSI-dimensional pump, thereby reducing the user’s cost of ownership. It features a ductile iron exterior with corrosion-resistant non-metallic interior components, including ETFE and polypropylene, to handle a wide variety of surface finishing chemicals.

Powerful neodymium magnets drive the impeller through a glass-filled polypropylene barrier for dependable, leak-free operation with no environmental emissions, no power-robbing double mechanical seals, and no seal support systems. The UCP’s careful design balances axial forces inside the pump to control excess thrust loads, and complete encapsulation of the inner drive magnets ensures superior corrosion protection.

The UCP Series features wide hydraulic coverage to handle various surface finishing applications including plating, anodizing, etching, pickling and many others providing flow and pressure to filters, flow for eductors, transfer, waste treatment and fume scrubbing.

Due to the use of a mixture of ETFE and polypropylene wetted components, no export license is required, making the UCP an ideal choice for foreign customers to take advantage of the heavy-duty construction and wide hydraulic coverage in surface finishing applications.

Visit Finish Thompson at Booth 727, where product experts will be available to discuss the new UCP Series and Finish Thompon’s 20 different lines of pumps for the corrosive chemical transfer industry.