Ronatec, a leading manufacturer of metal finishing chemicals, opened a new warehouse facility in the Greater Dallas Metroplex area.

Ronatec President Jim Wetherald says this strategic expansion aims to better serve its customer base in the southwest United States.

What this means for Ronatec's customers:

  • Faster deliveries: the new warehouse location will enable quicker deliveries to customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and New Mexico.
  • Improved efficiency: by having a warehouse closer to its customers, Ronatec can streamline its distribution process and potentially reduce shipping costs.
  • Full product range: the new facility will stock the complete line of Ronatec's metal finishing chemicals, including electroless nickel, zinc additives, passivates, cleaners, and phosphates.

Shipments from the new Dallas warehouse began on May 1.

“Overall, this expansion demonstrates Ronatec's commitment to providing exceptional service and efficient delivery to their customers in the southwest U.S.,” Wetherald says.