Plating Resources, a supplier to the finishing industry, is moving its headquarters in Florida.

map2The company will be located at 230 Forrest Avenue in Cocoa, Florida, near the former headquarters.

Plating Resources provides technology, know-how, and support worldwide for plating and surface finishing operations. It was founded in 1931 by George Benhard Svenson Sr. and is still a family-owned company.

Third Generation, Eric Svenson Sr., grandson of the founder, runs the company and has been with Plating Resources since 1962. He created the in-house laboratory that generated all the specialty chemical capabilities, countless turn-key plating systems, infinite numbers of on-site consulting, and all of its laboratory services, and founded the MicroTuff™ product line. Darlene Williamson is Plating Resources’ Operations Manager, and Vicky Salsbury is the National Sales Manager.

Its product line includes:

Dura baths

  • Dura-60 Catalyst
  • Dura-100 Catalyst
  • Dura-2000 Additive
  • Dura-3000 Additive

Bath contaminant removers and maskers

  • Cr-3 Reducer
  • Dura-76 Additive
  • Dura-76F Additive

Surface Treatment

  • Micro Tuff™Polymer

buildingSupport Chemicals

  • Actonall-65
  • Actonall-210
  • Ano Best 104
  • Chrome Kill #318
  • Dura Prep Powder
  • HCP Grade Chromic Acid
  • Polystrip-26

Laboratory Services

  • Complete Bath Analysis
  • Bath Make-Up & Treatments
  • Controlling Impurities

Technical Assistance

  • On-Site & Off-Site Consulting
  • Quality Enhancement Programs
  • Operator Training – “Hard Chrome University”