We spoke with Dan Rose, owner of Elite Metal Finishing in Oceanside CA, about the job coaching he has received from Jim Castigilia from Business Street Fighter Consulting.

You can read the article here: https://finishingandcoating.com/index.php/plating/1332-executive-coaching-helps-finishing-owners-handle-day-to-day 

“I’m a real passionate guy, and when talking to my staff, sometimes it comes out as a little bit of a temper,” says Rose, president of the company he founded in 2001. “I had to really learn to say, ‘Okay, look, just take it easy.’“

It was his interactions with his employees — many of whom were starting to see Rose becoming stressed running a finishing operation — that caused him several years ago to seek out a job coach to him manage not just his company but also himself.

“My business started to grow beyond my level of expertise,” Rose says. “I felt extremely overwhelmed.”



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