We talk with Ralph Capalbo Jr. from New Method Plating in Worcester, Massachusetts, where Capalbo worked for almost 60 years in a company started by his father.

“I’ve tried to run a successful business for the last 57 years, so now I am glad that the boys are in there now,” says Capalbo, who turned the business over to his sons, Nick and Chris.

New Method offers many plating processes, including cadmium, which not many shops offer these days. Capalbo admits it is harder to run a plating operation these days because of the more stringent government regulations.

New Method was founded by Ralph Sr. in 1931 in the basement of his parent’s home. Capalbo says his father was very progressive when it came to automating the facility, and Ralph Sr. purchased New Method’s first fully automated, return-type rack cadmium plating line just in the mid-1940s. That was the beginning of what is now four operating automated plating lines.

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