Nu-Way Industries in Des Plaines, Illinois, christened a new powder coating with increased capabilities and efficiencies.

nuwayindustries 1Nu-Way Industries, founded in 1968, offers value-added services, manufacturing capabilities, and end-to-end fabrication and display solutions.

The new automated coating line replaced manual paint lines with significant issues: spray booths required a large staff to run, manual color changes could take up to 25 minutes, and large parts often required manual repositioning, requiring additional time.

Nu-Way Industries says the new paint line “outshines its predecessors in every respect.” It features a higher weight capacity and greater line density by utilizing a power-free conveyor. The 16 automatic spray guns allow for greater control of the powder application and more consistent results. Color changes are now a breeze, averaging just 6-10 minutes. 

The company says the new paint line's increased throughput allows it to consolidate from two lines to one, reducing the shop's footprint. Furthermore, the new line automates the settings in its process, allowing for consistent quality and a leaner operation for faster throughput. 

Environmental Focus

nuwayindustries 4Nu-Way Industries says it is committed to minimizing environmental impact, and the new paint line has a substantially lower carbon footprint than its predecessors. In fact, the new line consumes less power, natural gas, and water than either of its predecessors.

The operations team eliminated the use of harsh chemicals in their existing pre-treatment lines, which required extensive monitoring, testing, neutralizing, and manifesting of waste—all time-intensive and expensive processes. Nanotechnology will continue to be used in the new line. 

However, their current lines still require diligent wastewater management practices and coordination with state and local authorities. The new powder coat line takes environmental impact further by utilizing a thin film process that results in zero discharge. This means that zero waste product is released from the pretreatment process into the environment. The water used in the process is reclaimed and recycled for future use.

New Paint Line Benefits Customers

nuwayindustries 3Nu-Way Industries says implementing its new powder coating line directly translates into reduced lead times and improved efficiency for its customers.

“With automated spray guns and a superior pretreat system, the powder coating of our parts will continue to be of the highest quality, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance,” the company says.

By improving output and consolidating from two lines to one, Nu-Way Industries says it is able to streamline its processes and more effectively meet customer demands.

“This not only saves time and resources but also optimizes our shop space, making us leaner and more agile in our operations,” the company says.

Moreover, the new line's reduced energy consumption and waste management costs are not only environmentally friendly but also control costs for our customers. 

“With automated controls in the process and a smaller footprint in our shop, we’re able to provide competitive pricing with exceptional delivery and quality,” Nu-Way Industries says. “Our new paint line represents a significant milestone in our continued pursuit of excellence in custom metal fabrication.”

In addition to sheet metal finishing, Nu-Way Industries helps customers with complete fabrication services from engineering design to prototypes and production cutting, forming, welding, mechanical and electronic assembly, and more.