In this edition of our "Legends" series, we chat with Valley Chrome's Ray Lucas, who has served the metal finishing industry in many ways over the last 50 years.

It was Lucas and almost two dozen other metal finishing leaders who helped unit five distinct association groups to form what is now the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF), the leading trade association for the electroplating and surface finishing industry. It was a wild time in the unification meetings in the early 2000s, and Lucas was a vocal advocate for the metal finishers who were joining with the industry supplies and other trade groups to form the NASF.

Valley Chrome pivoted to becoming more of a manufacturer than just an electroplater. In 2006, they acquired Wingmaster, a respected company that built high-quality stainless steel turbo wings for pickups and trucks. Valley Chrome has now developed an extensive line of stainless steel truck accessories including visors, cab and sleeper panels, window trim, light panels, tool boxes fairings, and more. It's enough to fill a 250-plus page catalog that consumers can buy products made and manufactured at Valley Chrome’s Clovis, CA headquarters.

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