Starting on the supplier side of the finishing industry, Adam Anderson has always wanted to try his hand at running an electroplating shop of his own.

Having worked with dozens of plating shops during his time at Columbia Chemical and Atotech, Anderson had seen some fantastic ways that plating shops could be run efficiently and thought he could incorporate some of those when his time came if it ever did.

So, when Anderson got the call to help transform a former plating company in Medina, Ohio, it wasn't exactly what he expected. Systems needed major repair, contaminated baths in the tanks needed replacing including several tanks, generated waste was prevalent almost everywhere he looked, and he needed to work on new permitting for wastewater treatment before they could rack their first parts.

Suffice to say, the first few months after Anderson was named president of Miller Plating in 2020, it was similar to the old adage of trying to take a drink from a fire hose.

"It still feels that way today," says Anderson. "It doesn't seem to stop coming at you at times. Nothing has slowed down for us."

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