Our latest podcast features Vegas Metal Finishing owner Jessica Famiglietti Young and her husband, Mike.

We wrote about Famiglietti Young in 2022 after she completed the opening of VMF after her late husband, Dave Famiglietti, passed away in 2019 from melanoma.

Famiglietti Young and her late husband owned New Frontier Armory, a full-service firearm and class III weapons dealer, distributor, and manufacturer. They operated a 6,000+ square foot retail outlet as well as an off-site wholesale distribution center and CNC manufacturing plant where they made many of their own firearms and related products.

Dave decided to stop sending work out to be anodized and finished and instead began the process of starting Vegas Metal Finishing to do their finishes as well as for other manufacturers in the Las Vegas area.

Famiglietti Young met her husband, Mike, who helped her complete the installations and opened VMF, where he now works on the shop floor.

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